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Draft:Debbie Hayton

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By me for @Quillette: "We [transwomen] should not need to pretend that we are women (to ourselves and anyone else) in order to find relief from gender dysphoria." We also need to destigmatise Autogynephilia: a rather large elephant in the room.
—Debbie Hayton on Twitter[1]

Debbie Hateful Hatin' Hayton is a British writer, physics teacher, and trade unionist best known for being a transphobic concern-troll against trans activisim, despite being transgender herself.

Unsurprisingly, she has expressed support for the also transphobic LGB Alliance group[2]. She also writes for the reactionary "news" site Quillette[3].

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  • [1]] on Twitter.
  • [2] her blog.