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The dirtbag left is a collection of allegedly left-wing, political pundits who feel the need to be consciously mean,[1] uncivil,[2] and hyper-vulgar to get their political points across. While the vulgarity is supposed to be directed at rich people, self-identifying as a "dirtbag leftist", is often just an excuse for being a generic, all-around asshole.

The phrase was originally used to describe the podcast, "Chapo Trap House", a formerly somewhat popular podcast (see Origin). Chapo rose to prominence thanks to the support of a small amount of enthusiastic young social democrats energized by the 2016 Bernie Sanders US presidential campaign.


The origin of the term is attributed to an essay by, "Chapo Trap House", co-host Amber A'lee Frost called, "The necessity of political vulgarity". Interestingly enough, the essay doesn't use the word, "dirtbag", at all, but it argues for malice, verbal slurs, vulgarity, and derision at wealthy people. [3] She argues for this because she says many wealthy people try to hide their vulgarity, and using vulgarity at all wealthy people keeps them relatively honest.

Chapo gained prominence among, "Weird Twitter", or, "Left Twitter", as part of a reaction against authoritarian, war-hawk Democrats.[4]

Usage of the term[edit]

The term was used somewhat interchangeably with, "Bernie Bros", an insult directed at white male or overly enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporters.[5]

"Dirtbag left", is also used interchangeably with, "vulgar left", "alt-left".[6]

"Dirtbag leftists", are said to embrace the term as an insult directed at them, out of a general irreverence that extends to themselves.[7]


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