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For the religion, see Discordianism; for the RationalWiki Discord server, see RationalWiki:Discord
It's pretty unavoidable to be a leader in this [alt-right] movement without participating in Discord.
— Keegan Hankes, SPLC.[1]

Discord is an instant messaging, voice and video communication platform marketed at gamers. It quickly rose in popularity since being launched in 2015, and has over 250 million users.[2] Touted as "by gamers, for gamers", it is an online chat client not unlike the IRC chats of old. Users can join various servers that are dedicated to a range of subjects, games, and communities.

Of course, the intuitiveness of the client means that a lot of servers with nasty subjects end up popping all over the place, with entire servers dedicated to CP, ATIFA, and many others. The website was utilized heavily by the alt-right and neo-Nazi groups with Unicorn Riot and other outlets such as Montreal Gazette leaking chat logs.

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