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Dylann Storm Roof (born April 3, 1994) is an American white supremacist, subhuman monster, psychopath, and mass murderer who perpetrated the Charleston church shooting on June 17, 2015. During a bible study at Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, United States, Roof opened fire and killed nine African Americans. Prior to the attack, Roof created a racist manifesto online, and claimed that he chose the church due to its historical connection to the civil rights movement. After the attack, he also said that he wanted to start a "race war." Roof was sentenced to death in January 2017, and is still awaiting execution. He has no remorse for the attack.

Early life, pre-shooting[edit]

Dylann Roof was born in Columbia, South Carolina. He has two sisters, including one who is also a confirmed racist. He began using drugs early on, and after dropping out of high school in Lexington in 2010, he spent the next several years alternating between smoking crack, getting drunk, playing video games, and fantasizing about a coming "race war" or whatever. A few months before the attack, Roof was arrested for carrying suboxone in a mall in Columbia, and banned from the mall for a year. When he was arrested, the officer discovered a forearm grip for an AR-15 and six unloaded magazines, but thanks to shitty gun laws, wasn't able to stop him. Almost two months later, he was again arrested for trespassing at the mall. Also thanks to even shittier gun laws, he was able to purchase the Glock 45 he used to perpetrate the shooting after his arrests.

The shooting[edit]

On June 17, 2015, Roof traveled to Charlestpn, South Carolina, and entered Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church around 8 PM. Upon entering the church, he was invited to attend a Bible study which consisted of 13 other people. About an hour later, at the end of the study, he stood and started shooting, firing a total of 77 rounds and killing nine people, including the church's pastor, who was also a state senator. Immediately before he started shooting, Roof reportedly said, "I have to do it. Ypu rape our women and you're taking over our country. You have to go." After the shooting, he also reportedly told one survivor that he had spared her life so she could tell everyone what had happened, and attempted to shoot himself, but the gun was empty. He then fled.

Arrest and trial[edit]

The next day, Dylann Roof was arrested in Shelby, North Carolina. He then told FBI agents that he had perpetrated the shooting because he believed that "black people were taking over the world and killing white people." He also reportedly told investigators that he hoped that the shooting would start a race war. Ironically, though, the exact opposite happened.

In December 2016, Dylann roof was convicted of 33 federal and state hate crime and murder charges, and sentenced to death the following month. In January 2020, he began appealing his death sentence because he claims he thought that he would be freed from prison before he would be executed in a coming race war or some bullshit.


Before the shooting, Dylann Roof created a website called lastrhodesian.com, which contained a manifesto and photos of him with a number of white supremacist and Neo-Nazi symbols, including the Confederate flag. Ironically, while Roof is a white supremacist and Confederate sympathizer, he essentially killed the Confederate flag because after this, people began to push for its removal.

The Manifesto consisted pf a racist rant against black people, Hispanics, Jews, and East Asians, but most of the rant was about blacks, whom he called "stupid," "violent," and claimed were "the biggest problem for Americans," among a bunch of other psychopathic ramblings. He claimed to have developed his views after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, which prompted him to google "black on white crime. He claims the first result he found was a list of black-on-white murders on the Council of Conservative Citizens website, and from this claimed to believe that black people are mass-killing white people. In reality though, most white murder victims are killed by other white people, and most black murder victims are killed by other black people. And this data isn't hard to find. What went wrong here is unknown, but Google got the blame for not providing reliable sources as its first results.

Also in the Manifesto, while Roof didn't explicitly say what he was going to do, he did say that he didn't think anyone would do it if he didn't and that he chose Charleston because it was the most historic city in South Carolina and once had the highest ratio of blacks to whites.

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