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Energiewende (German for "energy transition) is an ongoing project by the German government to transition the country away from nuclear power and towards renewable energy. While a policy under the name was being drafted 6 months earlier, it was in response to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in 2011 that Energiewende was written specifically to start an immediate phase-out of nuclear reactors, with the last reactors being planned to shut-down in 2022. There is also a plan to have all coal power shut down by 2038. While the plan is sometimes described as a transition to the more environmentally-sound energy production, Energiewende has so far been rather unsuccessful in that respect, due to the difficulties in developing renewable power generation and reinforcing the transmission network. Emission initially increased in 2013, and then began to decrease at a rate much slower than planned [(please fact check this, as I believe I read somewhere else that the increased)]. The quick phase-out of nuclear has been controversial in some circles, as it will inevitably delay the phase-out of coal power. Despite this, Energiewende is supported by most Germans according to polls.