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Girl Defined is a Christian fundamentalist Youtube channel and blog run by two sisters from good ol' Tex - Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal (née Baird). The stated goal of this blonde duo is "getting back to God's design",[1] which is basically code for "enforce traditional Christian values on everyone, even if they don't like it". From the outset though, one could - innocently - assume that they're simply a pair of girls who desire to teach the masses about God, Jesus and the Bible, but a cursory investigation shows it's more sinister that. Their videos and blog often feature pretty controversial takes [2] - in one, Bethany talks about how she struggled with judgemental attitudes towards gays, prostitutes and Muslims.[3] She claimed that "we need to recognize that any and all lifestyles outside of biblical Christianity will only lead to emptiness", which raises the question - what exactly do they consider emptiness? If defined as being outside a biblical Christian lifestyle, that only speaks about their own biases - since many would, with equal vigor, suggest their religious zealot lifestyles are also devoid of substance. At best, this is an unsupported value judgement. She also, with amazing familiarity, claims that "No matter how happy, fulfilled or satisfied lost people seem, you can know for sure that a lifestyle apart from, or contrary to, God’s Word will never lead to satisfaction." Yep. And how the hell do you know this, Beth?

In another since-deleted, but thankfully archived hot take, Kristen claims that there's a gay agenda[4] operating in America. In this God-awful[note 1] blog post, she cries about how the word 'gay' became synonymous with homosexuality, which downplays the 'depravity' of the concept. Because as we all know, loving someone of the same sex is a MASSIVE deal, right? She also claims that only 3.5%[note 2] of Americans are gay, yet they've been able to create such a big movement, and somehow this is evidence that there's some sort of 'agenda' going on. Occam's razor clearly doesn't apply here; it couldn't be that systematic oppression of a group of people created a cultural movement that ended up inspiring large numbers of people who weren't from the original group, and thus caused the movement to propagate (after all, most people are straight). This 'logic' could be used to suggest conspiracies around any minority - and it becomes a dangerous canard against certain groups. She goes on to straw man the LGBT rights movement by comparing their struggle to that of African Americans, while accusing them of trying to establish themselves as a 'race'[note 3] - while both black people and LGBT people are oppressed in society, the struggles are distinct and this is recognised by advocates of social justice.

In yet another (deleted) shit take, Kristen argues against the concept of transgender people[5]. She writes:

And to top it off, they think tossing one off is a 'mind toxin'[6]. If none of these other kooky positions convinced you, this one should be a dealbreaker. In their word, you wouldn't even be able to enjoy Destroy Dick December. Imagine!


  1. In the words of Vat19: PUN CITY!
  2. OK, so it might be true, but there's no citation.
  3. It's a sexuality, you chump.