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Hatefacts are described as "facts that are politically incorrect and will get you censored and attacked if you say them aloud."[1] In reality, most of the hatefacts that actually get cited are cherry picked distortions used by right wing equivalent to social justice warriors, causing people to react negatively to them. The grand irony is that people who use them often get annoyed at leftists who use misleading statistics such as gender wage gap or the claim that 1 in 3 women get assaulted by counting regret as rape.

The Library of Hate is the primary source for the spreading of 'hatefacts'. It is comprised of a series of statistical claims on different groups, races, Muslims, women, gay and transgender people and also ideas such as multiculturalism , IQ and ethnocentrism. The Library of Hate features a few accurate 'facts', however most are largely distortions of the original source. Hatefacts mostly emerge from far-right nuts stumbling upon unrepresentative research, thinking they've discovered the "hidden truth" and then using the statistics to try and "expose" whatever minority they happen to dislike. The origin of the Library of Hate is unknown, but it is mostly circulated on 4chan via archived versions of now deleted websites.


While the library of hate is mostly shared by /pol users on 4chan, but it sometimes makes its way into mainstream conservative conversation. Youtuber ShortFatOtaku, who made a video reading out all the hate facts and did not bother to question their validity or check the sources.[2] In the video he does state how sensational the "facts" seem to be, yet still proceeds to share the statistics because 'muh trigged SJWs'.


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