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Hedgewik, a.k.a. "Store-Brand Stonetoss", "Diet PebblePunt", "Rockthrow Lite", among other names, is an alt-right webcomic. As the aforementioned nicknames would suggest, it is extraordinarily similar to StoneToss in both the method it uses to deliver a punchline, as well as the hideous ideology it promotes. Apart from being a "Clonetoss" comic, Hedgewik has developed a reputation for some of the most hideous artwork ever seen in a semi-popular webcomic. The comics mostly contain themes of antisemitism, racism, transphobia, and other assorted forms of bigotry, as well as the occasionally mild conservative political commentary.



Hedgewik's subreddit was banned by Reddit. The ban note reads, "This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against harassing content."[1] Searching on r/AgainstHateSubreddits, it appears the subreddit was banned some time in November 2019, shortly after Hedgewik's own user account was suspended.[2][3]

In a vain attempt at retaliation, Hedgewik created a list of Nazi subreddits on his website to route people to them.[4][5] Unsurprisingly, they were far too dumb to realize that such an action would make these subreddits easier to ban.[citation NOT needed]

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