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Much like the alt-right in North America and Europe, the Far Right in India has its own lexicon of in-group memes and jargon. In Indian English, some of these are derived from like-minded movements in the larger Anglosphere and given an Indian twist, some are based on Hindi or other regional languages rendered into Latin script and possibly mixed with English or "leet-speak", basically forming a rich cultural tapestry of ways to be cruel.

This list is inspired by our popular Alt-right glossary, and is made even more necessary by the fact that the larger social media world for English speakers is largely composed of people who simply don't get the culture of the Indian Right, giving them a lot of leeway to mob Reddit, Discord, YouTube comment sections and the like with very aggressive input that often violates the platform's Terms of Service, but gets a pass because a tech worker in California has no idea what a "k2a" is. So this list exists to compile these terms to raise awareness of the dangerously violent strains of bigotry in the corners of the Indian English social media world that might otherwise be overlooked.

Please note this list focuses on terms used in Indian English, with some flex for terms/phrases that are in Hindi or regional languages but would be commonly dropped into discussions otherwise in English and commonly recognized by participants.



[TENTATIVE: common Arabic name, but used as a slur; note Abdul is not used as a standalone name, but rather with another word such as Abdurrahman (Abd-ul Rahman, "slave of the merciful [God]") so using a partial name is arguably already a slight]


Text form of 🅱️ulla, using the 'B emoji' to censor 'mulla' , a slur for muslims confirmation[1]


Chrislamocommie is an amalgamation of Christian, Islam and Commie which are the three spooky groups the Hindu far right hates. [2]


Katua or katwa is a crude slur for Muslim males derived from "kat" which is a cognate for cut referring to how male Muslims are circumcised.[3] It is on the level of vulgarity as the n-word. K2A is an abbreviation of katwa.

[TENTATIVE: quoting Reddit poster for the moment]

Note that the epithet “k2a”, which frequenters of Hindutva subs such as r/Chodi and r/PoliticalHinduism use to deride Muslims (cf. the linked thread), is derived from the name of the Jammuite town Kathua, in which an eight-year-old girl was drugged, brutally gang raped several times over the course of a week, and strangled to death by a local Hindu priest, his son, his nephew, and four Hindu police officers including a constable. Protests in support of the accused were later attended by two prominent ministers of the ruling right-wing BJP.[4]

But another in the same thread rebuts:

While the incident you mentioned is true, katua has a completely different meaning. It refers to circumcision, and is commonly used as a slur against muslims.


A slur against Sikhs (in India or elsewhere). "KhalistanWikipedia" is a proposed Sikh separatist homeland comprising the general Punjab regions of both India and Pakistan, and was a pretty serious issue in the 1980s that led to major violence. So it is a real issue, less so today than in past years, but used a blanket term for Sikhs, its implication is that Sikhs aren't "real" members of the society they live in, but are scheming "people without a nation" pressing their own interests (sound familiar?).


Snarl word used to discredit the Aam Aadmi Party.Wikipedia[5] The word is a play on the name of AAP’s leader named “Arvind KejriwalWikipedia and “Khujli” which means itching due to rash.[6]


Slur used against liberals, Portmanteau of the words Liberal and Gandu (asshole).[7]


Same as libtard or librandu. Portmanteau of Liberal and Cuckold.


Short form of Muslims.[8]


Means Muslim.[9]


Generic slur of Muslims. Refers to 'mullahs' who are learned theologists in Islam. Not a bad word in itself, but has turned offensive by use over time.


Portmanteau of Pakistan and pork used to disparage Muslims that decline to eat pork.[10]


[slur against Indian Christians; is the implication that they converted to get free rice handouts from missionaries? Cf Rice ChristianWikipedia?] In earlier times, lower caste Hindus converted to Christianity to escape the caste discrimination (It didn't work, they brought the caste system along). Right wingers being right wingers who sees anyone that isn't a Hindu with contempt uses the term "Ricebag" to imply that they converted for freebies (There were freebies, but the main driving force for the conversion being the escape from caste discrimination). What they don't realize by using the word is the implication that their religion is only worth a bag of rice, then again, we are talking about people who believe in religious superiority. No surprise. [11]


Interchangable with pseudo-sickular. Portmanteu of the words 'Sick' and 'Secular' Used against people who promote secularism to imply tokenism.

Urban Naxal[edit]

Abusive term used against anyone who criticizes the Government.The term "Naxal" derives from the name of the village Naxalbari in West Bengal, where the Naxalbari uprisingWikipedia revolt took place in 1967.

First known use of the word was in 2014 when Bharatiya Janata Party leader Arun Jaitley called the Aam Aadmi PartyWikipedia "Urban Naxalism". [12]

The term got a resurgence when the Maharashtra Government arrested five people, namely Sudha Bharadwaj,Wikipedia Arun Ferreria,Wikipedia Vernon Gonsalves,Wikipedia Gautam NavlakhaWikipedia and Varavara RaoWikipedia for their alleged involvement in the 2018 Bhima Koregaon violenceWikipedia and currently owes it usage to Vivek AgnihotriWikipedia, a BJP and Central Board of Film CertificationWikipedia who defined the term "Urban Naxal" in his book with the same name as:

urban Naxal as an intellectual, influencer or activist who is an invisible enemy of India[13]

...which makes it easy for right wingers to label anyone who opposes their view as an "Urban Naxal." In reality, the book doesn't have much to do with the use of them term other than a solid reference. BJP leaders were constantly using the term right after Bhima Koregaon arrests discredit dissident voices.

Drafting section to just add terms that we are to lazy to do can define and format later[edit]

  • Pajeet
  • bvll - glorifies far right trads
  • bheemta- for dalits and ambedkarites. Refers to Bhimrao Ambedkar.
  • mleccha - Old Sanskrit term for foreign barbarian. Has seen recent uptick in usage in India's alt-right circles.
  • presstitute - Used to refer to press houses and they don't like. Press+Prostitute
  • scamgress - Used to refer to the Indian National Congress which achieved infamy because of the number of scams and corruption scandals that took place under their regime. Scam+Congress
  • Any slurs for Dalits which are popularly used among the hard-right?
  • Slurs for Indian Christians? Are any specific to denomination or mainly universal?
  • Any slurs for Scheduled Tribes Indians that the hard-right prefers?
  • Slurs against Sikhs, Indian Buddhists, etc?
  • Slurs for Indian Communists which go beyond normal discourse and are more explicitly markers of the hard-right?
  • Specific in-speech jargon for general enemies of the Indian Right?
  • Any terms equivalent to woke/based? Other terms of approval which are markers of hard-right sentiment? - Viraat
  • Any Emojis (or combinations thereof) used with specific in-group meanings? - 🚩 - Refers to Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation, 🏹 - refers to Rama's bow and arrow, but this specific one may not necessarily have hindutva connotations, depends on context

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