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Draft:Indonesian mass killings of 1965–66

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This is a draft that anyone is free to edit as they would a mainspace page.
Suharto, in 1993
Tomorrow is a mystery,
but yesterday is

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„Wie es eigentlich gewesen ist“

The Indonesian mass killings of 1965–66 was a large scale political purge led by SuhartoWikipedia in 1965-1966, leading to one of the worst mass killings in the 20th century, next to the Soviet purgesWikipedia and the Holocaust caused by Nazi Germany. Suharto led the Indonesian army to kill members of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) and leftists aligned with the party. An estimated 500,000 to 3,000,000 people were killed, many of which were ethnic Chinese, "unbelievers", atheists and other communists. They paved the way for "Operation Lotus," the official term for the brutal Indonesian invasion/occupation of East Timor, with many of the same generals involved.

Political purges[edit]

The army, under the implementation of the anti-communist purge, removed top civilian and military leaders that were thought to be sympathetic to the PKI, with the parliament and cabinet being purged of anyone loyal to Sukarno. Leading members of the PKI were immediately hunted down and arrested, with some being quickly executed. In Jakarta and West Java, over 10.000 PKI activists and leaders were arrested.

As the Sukarno presidency slowly collapsed and Suharto beginning to assert control of the country, high ranking members of the PKI were hunted and arrested. On November 6th, Senior PKI leader Njoto was shot and killed, with Chairman Dipa Nusantara Aidit and First Deputy PKI Chairman M. H. Lukman being killed shortly after.