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Jeanine Pirro
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Jeanine Pirro (née Ferris) is a judge and host of the show, “Justice with Jeanine Pirro” on Fox News. A Republican and devout Trump supporter, she has recently attracted controversy over comments involving Minnesota Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar’s hijab being “required by Sharia law.”. These comments earned her a suspension from Fox News, and her show that was scheduled to air on March 16, 2019 was pre-empted due to her bigotry scheduling matters. [1]

A week later, her show was pre-empted again, signaling that she was suspended from the channel. [2]

Pirro was one of the many voices who were supportive of then-United States Supreme Court nomineee Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 sexual misconduct allegations. Previously, she was supportive of abortions, claiming it is a woman's right to have one. However, recently, she opposes late-term abortions. She is also a gun nut.