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Jeff Durbin is a fundamentalist pastor of Apologia Church in Mesa, Arizona. [1]

Jeff Durbin is a Calvinist [2] and is known for apologetics against Mormonism and atheism [3] [4]. A presuppositionalist, he was a debate partner with James White[5]and argued that one cannot justify reason unless one starts with the presupposition or axiom of God's existence. Durbin is also unapologetically anti-abortion, arguing that abortion doctors deserve the death penalty.[6]

Jeff Durbin is a fundamentalist preacher based in Phoenix, AZ and friend of fellow Reformed Baptist and Arizonan James White.

Durbin's claim to fame includes supporting the death penalty for abortion doctors and the mothers seeking their services. [1]

Durbin is also a supporter of presuppositional apologetics and hosts a show called "Next Week" in which he apes Saturday Night Live but with in-jokes for fundamentalist Christian enjoyment. [2]
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