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If white Americans were to leave the country tomorrow, in ten years — America would be a ghetto. You can see the truth of this when you look at many of our major cities that are run by black mayors, black-dominated city councils, and black police chiefs. These cities are usually horrible places to live. Yet blacks who live in black-ruled cities can't see the truth: their own immorality is the cause of black poverty, crime, and family destruction!
—Jesse Lee Peterson[1]

Jesse Lee Peterson (1949–) is a Christian reverend and far-right activist who writes for WND and hosts the Jesse Lee Peterson Show on Newsmax. He is known for his relentless anti-black racism (despite himself being black), male status-shaming, and misogyny. Until the 1970s, Jesse was a Democrat. He is, of course, an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump, describing him as the "Great White Hope".[2] More examples of his "teachings" are documented below.

Religious practice[edit]


Peterson is a pastor and founder of the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny in Los Angeles, California.[3] This church purports to be able to deal with men's issues (seemingly primarily).

Cult-like behaviour[edit]

Jesse's BOND does not (at this moment) meet all the criteria for a cult. For example, his group says it is nonprofit, Jesse does not harass former members, and members are allowed space to discuss views he does not hold.[4] However, BOND does have some of the worst aspects of a cult. For example:

Jesse claims he is morally perfect[edit]

Self-released podcast summaries proclaim Jesse as morally perfect (free from sin, while believing in sin).[5][6] While being interviewed with Don Harris, Jesse proclaims his belief in sin, and states he does not believe he sins.[7] Proclamations of moral perfection by leaders are said to be warning signs of a cult. Both religious and secular sources say this.[8][9][10]

Berating his congregation[edit]

During his church services, Jesse has done such 'teachings' such as insultingly implying a congregation member was not an "alpha male" for, "drinking water out of a plastic cup", during a Q&A where Jesse challenges his congregation on "beta" being a virtue. After the congregation member said "it's coffee", Jesse said he was joking.[11]a During a church service, Jesse also called another congregation member a "beta male" for refusing to come up on stage, after Jesse was told by another attendant that it sounds like Peterson is "talking down" to his congregation in an inappropriate manner.[12] He continued to status shame and insult despite being told it was inappropriate behavior, while downplaying it afterward frequently. During that same service he continued to say another congregation member was not an alpha male, and admitted he said it, "out of nowhere".[13] Jesse does this sort of thing frequently outside of this particular meeting as well. Jesse's frequent use of trying to tease out beliefs from people, insulting them, then downplaying the insult is a type of gaslighting, a form of social manipulation and abuse.[14] Leadership inducing feelings of shame and guilt, as well as psychological manipulation, are said to warning signs of a cult.[15]


Peterson explicitly argues against compassion, which is the concern for other's misfortune.[16] Peterson seems (falsely) to imply "dispassion" is an antonym of compassion, ignoring that a rejection of compassion usually also includes heartlessness and cruelty. He bases his rejection of compassion on emotionality "getting in the way" of discipline. He also justifies his lack of compassion on his own emotions, specifically his self-reported lack of caring about people dying that he does not know himself.[17] Leadership's promotion of exploitation is frequently cited as a warning sign of a cult.[18]

Other religious beliefs[edit]

Extreme superstition on mood[edit]

Jesse claims that extreme sadness and suicideality is caused by Satan.[19]

Religious exclusion based on sexual orientation[edit]

He claims that gay people cannot be Christian or conservative.[20]


Racism doesn't exist, and has never existed. It's a made up word.
—Jesse "Racism doesn't exist" Lee Peterson[21]
Have you ever picked cotton? You have not lived until you've picked cotton. It's fun. It makes a man out of you.
—Jesse, giving a "unique" perspective on slavery[22]

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