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If white Americans were to leave the country tomorrow, in ten years -America would be a ghetto. You can see the truth of this when you look at many of our major cities that are run by black mayors, black-dominated city councils, and black police chiefs. These cities are usually horrible places to live. Yet blacks who live in black-ruled cities can't see the truth: their own immorality is the cause of black poverty, crime, and family destruction!
—Jesse Lee Peterson[1]

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'Jesse Lee Peterson is a reverend and far-right activist who writes for WND and hosts the Jesse Lee Peterson Show on Newsmax. He is known for his relentless anti-black racism (despite himself being black), and misogyny. He is, of course, an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump, describing him as the "Great White Hope".[2] More examples of his insanity are documented below.


"Racism doesn't exist, and has never existed. It's a made up word."
—Jesse "Racism doesn't exist" Lee Peterson [3]
"Have you ever picked cotton? You have not lived until you've picked cotton. It's fun. It makes a man out of you."
— Jesse, giving a "unique" perspective on slavery [4]

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