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Draft:Julie Bindel

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Julie Bindel (1962–) is an English lesbian TERF who claims she is a radical feminist. She co-founded the law reform group Justice for Women, which since 1991, has helped women who were prosecuted for killing male partners in domestic abuse situations. She has written commentary pieces for The Guardian, several of which were running conspiracy theories about trans women.[1] [2] Bindel is followed by fellow JK Rowling on Twitter, famous author of Harry Potter and other books who has, as of late 2019, been exposed as a TERF. She has also been accused of biphobia, which she claimed as a "fashion trend."

On 5 June 2019, Bindel was "attacked" by a trans woman "named" Cathy Brennan after she was speaking at a "Women's Sex-Based Rights" event in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. [3]

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