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LGB Alliance is a British organisation launched in October 2019 whose supporters include lawyer Allison Bailey, Bev Jackson (co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front), former comedian Simon Fanshawe, and anti-trans campaigner Miranda Yardley, their T-less name makes their stance pretty clear. Despite claims to be "Asserting the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define themselves as same-sex attracted" they don't wish to extend this right to trans people.[1][2] Some media sources inaccurately claimed it had split from the LGBT charity Stonewall, but despite one or two former Stonewall people (like Fanshawe) being involved, none of Stonewall's staff or trustees left to join LGB Alliance.[3][4] Their co-founder, Kate Harris, explicitly stated intersex people 'necessitate medical treatment'.[5]

Political Positions[edit]

The LGB alliance state that their goal is "Asserting the right of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men to define ourselves as same-sex attracted."

"We believe that biological sex is observed at birth and not assigned. In our view, current gender ideologies are pseudo-scientific and present a threat to people whose sexual orientation is towards the same sex, or to both sexes. In addition, we believe that these ideologies are confusing and dangerous to children."[6]

They also say they are not anti trans.

However this has been disputed by many, due to the actions and behaviours of the LGB Alliance, along with the affiliations of their supporters.

The LGB Alliance recently tweeted a list of 12 questions they had for 'prospective parliamentary candidates'. None of the questions related to LGB rights; instead every single one related to trans people.[7]

One of the speakers at LGB Alliance launch event was Gary Powell, a man who has allied with the Heritage Foundation against gay surrogacy rights and has written for Public Discourse, a division of The Witherspoon Institute which staunchly opposes gay marriage[8]. Activist Casey Explosion has highlighted the LGB Alliance's links with Conservative evangelical think tank the Heritage Foundation[9].

They routinely share links on Twitter from anti trans groups and publications, including 4thWaveNow[10], The Times [11], communist and anti trans publication Morning Star News[12] and many more, including the Federalist and Conservative Woman.

Criticism from the LBGT Movement[edit]

The initial LGB Alliance announcement was met with widespread condemnation by the LGBTQ community. [13]. They have been criticised by Out magazine [14]. Pink News charted the immense backlash from LGBTQ people against the group, with LGB people describing the group as 'transphobic, disgusting and vile'[15].

Lesbian activist Izzy Rizinti pointed out that the LGB alliance was mostly composed of heterosexuals[16].

Former Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ruth Hunt, has said:[17]

It feels to me that the old, homophobic attitudes have simply morphed into new transphobic ones. The same hatred is behind all of it. When those who spread such prejudicial views present themselves as our friends, merely trying to defend us from the malignant danger of trans people, it is completely disingenuous.

Support from the Right Wing[edit]

Many right wing newspapers and organisations have supported the LGB Alliance. Including anti-trans trans woman Debbie Hayton, in the Spectator [18], reactionary libertarian publication Quilette[19] and noted TERF Helen Joyce, who edits the Economist, a publication that recently suggested trans people should be subject to mandatory sterilisation before being recognised [20]. Other supporters have included TERF website After Ellen [21], right wing and anti trans newspaper The Times [22], Andrew Sullivan from far right publication Breitbart[23] and Conservative Woman[24].

It is perhaps amusing that both Breitbart[25] and Conservative Woman are otherwise firmly homophobic.

Self identified butch lesbian Ruth Hunt has wryly noted how lovely and surprising it is to see a previously rather anti LGB media become positively friendly towards LGB rights when they can be weaponised against trans people [26]

"Truly, I am touched and thrilled to have the support of so many sections of the media. If I’m honest, I thought they hated butch lesbians. I’m delighted that they are now passionately championing our right to exist and be proud of who we are."


The LGB Alliance recently rebranded to highlight that sex is binary, with a black and white colour scheme. The new colour scheme is rather reminiscent of the Straight Pride flag[27].

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