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Michael Tracey, sometimes also known as "Michael Trakey", is an American independent journalist who currently uses a leftwing framework to constantly attack the left and perpetuating right wing rhetoric. Michael Tracey first started working at The Young Turks (TYT) around October 2017[1] and left it in 2018.[2]

While working for the investigative reporting division of TYT, he started out as a "Russiagate skeptic". As such, he is in a similar boat as comedian Jimmy Dore, who is another former TYT media personality.

Tracey is slowly undergoing a metamorphosis from being a former liberal turned right-wing YouTube hack, like Dave Rubin (who also used to work for TYT). He fits the pattern of liberal that was never really that left-wing that took a hard right turn like Candace Owens (are you beginning to see that there's a pattern?). He has also appeared multiple times on Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour show — not to debate Tucker's racism, xenophobia, his unwavering support for Orange Mussolini or the white nationalist talking points he promotes,[3] but rather to confirm Fox News' pre-existing opinions on the Democrats.[4][5] He’s one of those guys that is really pre-occupied with identity politics in a partisan way, repeating the same reactionary mantras about Black Lives Matter (BLM).

He was also notorious for for a weird skirmish with US Representative Maxine Waters (CA-43), when he was interviewing her in regards to Russiagate. He then accused her of (and lied about) "shoving" him when she got fed up with his disingenuous questions.[6]

Russiagate skepticism[edit]

Tracey has consistently downplayed the significance of documented evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election as a conspiracy theory. He doesn’t understand or is obfuscating the idea that he doesn’t care about elections being free fair and open.[7]

Appearances with Tucker Carlson[edit]

Tracey regularly appears on Tucker's show, pushing right-wing narratives such as mass BLM riots and people of color being against racial justice initiatives.[8] He even wrote an opinion piece on Faux News echoing GOP narratives on the George Floyd protests.[9]

Tulsi Gabbard[edit]

Michael Tracey was an avid supporter of Tulsi Gabbard during her campaign for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination. Tracey has been obsessed with defending Gabbard since around 2016 and things have only picked up since.[10]

Tracey's support for Gabbard is notable because of the lengths he would go to spin her documented record of voting and her political associations. Tracey's support for Gabbard appears to be linked to his perception of her as not obsessed with Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.[11] He wrote an article strawmanning why the Liberals are hostile to Gabbard's presidential campaign.[12] When Gabbard dropped out of the race, Vox released a critical article on her, hitting Tracey.[13]


For now, he is practicing his skills on how to be transphobic, like when he dishonestly questions "when did everyone become trans?", linking transgender rights activism to "elite consciousness".[14] He also did that very funny joke, a variation of the "Attack helicopter gender", when he became physically older (but not mentally):[15]

While today is technically my birthday, I now self-identify with a different birthday (TBD). There’s a spectrum of birthdays and I won’t be held down by the birthday binary. Thank you

Surprising to some (but not others), Tulsi Gabbard also participated in the bigoted joke at the expense of non-binary people.[16] It is worth noting that Gabbard has had a spotty record on LGBTQIA+ rights before this.[17]

There is a reason why he claimed that that the anti-Identity politics subreddit r/stupidpol "is the only good subreddit".[18]. Tracy's consistent 'ironic jokes' about how trans people and black people indicates a disregard for trans people and others that don't look like him [19]

Lots more stuff to dig thru in here:

Debate with Vaush[edit]

He recently did a debate with Vaush[20]; they argued about whether or not recent BLM protests were vectors for spreading COVID-19. Tracey's evidence was a Los Angeles Times op-ed stating that, in contrast to other types of gatherings, protests do not appear to spread COVID-19 as long as protesters take safety precautions.

Tracey went back and forth between calling the protests "riots". He was unable to give a straight answer when asked if he had anything positive to say about BLM, gay people or trans people. The debate illustrated Tracey's inabiity to be open about his beliefs. He waffled on whether or not BLM was good while appearing on Tucker Carlson feeding them what they want to hear about how BLM protests are "really riots that are leaving an underreported destruction of America". How white moderate of him.

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