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Moe, or -chans are moe anthropomorphismWikipedia's W.svg representations of specific ideas, movements, or products. On websites such as 4chan, despite being presented as cute anime characters (KawaiiWikipedia's W.svg) these are used in memes as part of internet hate campaigns and some have explicitly racist, Islamophobic, and homophobic connotations.

Moe is based on Japanese animeWikipedia's W.svg style art, and as a tool of the alt-right originated with 2channel and the Netto-uyoku which were later to the rise of 4chan and the alt-right internet culture incorporating many Japanese elements.

The idea of moe was popularized by OS-tanWikipedia's W.svg memes backed by companies such as Microsoft and Apple before becoming part of wider internet culture. It was then appropriated by the alt-right and many moe representations of white supremacist ideals were subsequently created and popularized on sites such as 4chan and 8chan.


See the Wikipedia article on OS-tan.

4chan /pol/ moe[edit]

For more information, see: /pol/

4chan moe originates and is shared primarily on the sites politically incorrect /pol/ board, it is almost exclusively anti-Muslim and used as part of Islamophobic threads and weaponized memes.


Christ-chan is the best known and widespread 4chan moe character.

Deus Vult[edit]

Templar-chan is a subvariant of Christ-chan dressed in Knights Templar armor.[1] Associated with the phrase Deus Vult, it is used by the alt-right and white supremacists to signify their wish for a new crusade, a common Islamophobic trope. Since Deus Vult was a battle cry used by Christian knights in the First Crusade,[2] it is also used to represent battle against the perceived threat of Islam in any region. The white nationalist meaning is based on the incorrect belief that the crusades were an ethnic conflict between a White Europe and an Arabic Middle East. In reality neither side were ethnically homogeneous and the conflict was religious and geopolitical.[3]


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Popularized during 2018-2019 on German internet forums, AFD-chan is the moe representation of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland political party in Germany. It is generally considered part of 4chan culture and is often portrayed with other 4chan moe characters.

Use with Putsch-chan[edit]

Rachel Purity[edit]

Christchurch variant[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Christchurch terrorist attacks

Christchurch-chan is a moe personification of Brenton Tarrant, who perpetrated a terrorist attack in New Zealand which he advertised on 8chan where he was a poster. 8chan and the comparable 4chan website subsequently took Brenton as a kind of role model, and for this reason Christchurch-chan is portrayed as saintly figure, normally clutching a copy of his manifesto, The Great Replacement named after a white nationalist conspiracy theory of the same name.

Hetalia adaptations[edit]


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See the Wikipedia article on Wikipe-tan.