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Momo is a moral panic and urban legend which was briefly relevant in July 2018. It bears a remarkable similarity to the blue whale suicide game.


The premise of is that the victim will be contacted by someone claiming to be 'Momo' on WhatsApp. The victim will then be challenged to an increasingly dangerous set of levels, supposedly ending in acts of violence or suicide. like the Blue Whale game, victims are threatened by 'Momo' and sent graphic images and gore.

Moral Panic[edit]

This game is completely fabricated- most probably by those twisted sickos on 4chan[citation needed], who have been known for spreading these kinds of rumors and urban legends on numerous occasions. Many local (and in some case national) news outlets have covered this story, often showing a spooky picture of a bird-woman, which is actually a sculpture created by Japanese sculptor Keisuke Aiso.[1] This has resulted in many parents and schools "banning" or "shutting down" the Momo challenge. these reports typically are Sensationalist and contribute to spreading the misinformation about the legend.

Purported suicides[edit]

According to Vox, "Experts say there is no indication that children are being driven to suicide since the story went viral."[2] Many news outlets reported that children were committing suicide and/or killing others for fear of being killed by Momo. These are unsubstantiated and any legitimate reports of suicides are unrelated to this particular challenge.