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Draft:Morgan Chambers

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Morgan Chambers, in the flesh.

Morgan Chambers is a politically confused, black supremacist political commentator. Describing herself as "PRO-GUN PRO-BLACK PRO-LIFE PRO-FREEDOM PRO-CONSTITUTION (sic)" [1] poking through her Twitter page reveals some more disturbing views. Specifically, she has called African conservatives the c-word [2], is anti-integration [3], called Martin Luther King Jr., the man credited with ending the Jim Crow era, a communist and house slave [4], believes that all Mexicans are racist [5], is anti-feminist [6] [7], believes that kids raised in non-tradition families are inherently worse off than their traditional counterparts, [8], believes that gays are STD ridden sex abusers [9], compared abortion to murder [10], and has expressed numerous transphobic beliefs [11][12][13][14][15][16].

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