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Markus Alexej Persson (better known as Notch) (1979–) is a Swedish video game designer, best known as the creator of the sandbox game MinecraftWikipedia's W.svg. He's also a homophobic, transphobic conspiracy theorist who frequently parrots alt-right talking points on social media.

He has become a controversial figure on the Internet for making comments on Twitter, such as wanting a for “Heterosexual Pride” in July 2017. Later on in 2017, he made a tweet that said a popular alt-right canard, “It’s okay to be white.”[1] Persson was also criticized for making comments that claims white privilege is “made up.”

Persson has endorsed QAnon, calling the conspiracy theory “legit.”[2] He also made transphobic comments, saying that trans women “aren’t women.”[3]

Support of fascism[edit]

Persson has become involved in making racist posts on social media, such as the aforementioned "okay to be white" post on social media. "It's okay to be white" is a white nationalist dogwhistle.



Notch has made many transphobic comments on Twitter.

I'd rather be a fascist cunt than have a feminine dick, so gladly! wait no not the last pa

Anti-LGBT stance[edit]

If you're against the concept of a #HeterosexualPrideDay, you're a complete fucking cunt and deserve to be shot
—@Notch, June 29 2017.[5]

"Heterosexual Pride Day" is a Twitter hashtag associated with homophobia.

General crankery[edit]

Belief in Q Anon[edit]

Q is legit. Don't trust the media.

Notch has endorsed the Q Anon conspiracy theory.[7]

Mr. Jeb, I don't feel so good...[edit]

In March 2019 Microsoft, who had bought Minecrafts parent company MojangWikipedia's W.svg in 2014, removed almost every reference of Notch from the game[8][9], save for his recognition as the creator in the credits. Of course, since people always look into things first before making wild assumptions, people immediately assumed he had been deleted from the game outright, causing accusations against Microsoft and Mojang for supposedly removing the true creator over "minor political differences".

Things escalated further when Microsoft made a statement that Notch would not be invited to Minecraft's big 10th year anniversary celebration.[10] At the time of writing, Notch has yet to make a public statement.

In Conclusion[edit]

Much like his own creation, Notch is what one would refer to as a "blockhead". It's also important to note that being the creator of a great game doesn't make you a great person, as notch excellently demonstrates.

See also[edit]

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  • JonTron: Another example of why you shouldn't let political views overshadow your content.

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