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Peter Sage is a promoter of "alternative medicine" and pseudoscience. He also, apparently, runs a school called "Sage Academy".[1]


Of course, like many promoters of so-called "alternative medicine", Sage makes quite a few laughably unrealistic claims about the magic of his "health solutions".

His "promise"[edit]

I would like to make you a (sic) promise. Give me just 72 hours of your life and I will ensure that you are surgically and strategically rebuilt into someone who, regardless of ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, will continually take their business, career, income and LIFE to the next level.[1]

As you can see, this "promise" bears striking resemblance to many other "alternative medicine" promoters. Later in that paragraph, in an attempt to "prove" his legitimacy, Sage goes on to further advertise his "solution", and lists a quote praising him from someone named "Dan S. Pena, The 50 Billion Dollar man".[1]