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Draft:Qiao Collective

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Qiao Collective is a far left webshite that is a weird mixture of tankie propaganda and Chinese nationalism. The word "Qiao" means bridgeWikipedia in Chinese. It tries to fight American imperialism, but is completely fine when countries like China does it. Oh, they are North Korea apologists too...


Since Qiao breeds tankies and Chinese nationalists, it has become a great crank magnet. Here is a list of times they are not even wrong.

  • They think that white people in Hong Kong cannot be an ethnic minority due to their imperialist history.[1] By that logic, Turks in Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia are not minorities due to the existence of the Ottoman Empire. Or Mongolians in countries that were a part of the Mongol Empire. This is mostly an application of the bullshit idea that racism is prejudice plus power with a hint of actual bigotry towards White people.
  • They have no idea what a false positiveWikipedia is.[2]
  • They do not know what conversion rates are. They think that 29 million Hong Kong Dollars is 29 million US Dollars.[3]
  • They accuse Hong Kong Protestors of mass-reporting their Facebook page. They have no evidence for that.[4]
  • They actually believe that Dr Li WenliangWikipedia was ardently pro-CCP. While Dr. Li was certainly not a political rabble-rouser and was actually critical of the Hong Kong protests, his views are exaggerated to downplay the way he was treated by Chinese authorities.
  • They actively deny police brutality during the Hong Kong protests, claiming that unlike Hong Kong police, US police have killed protestors during the Black Lives Matter protests. This is just plain whataboutism, as if someone cannot denounce police brutality in both places. Ironically, Joshua Wong, one of the protest leaders in Hong Kong, voiced his support Black Lives Matter, to the chagrin of tankies and alt-rightists everywhere.[5]
  • They present similar whataboutist arguments defending Xinjiang re-education camps by pointing out the existence of the US's own horrific immigration detention camps. Again, the fact that people can condemn multiple atrocities simultaneously eludes them.
  • They deny
  • They deny that China is imperialist. However, the CCP has supported Augusto Pinochet in the past when pretty much the rest of the Eastern Bloc condemned the coup and severed relations,[6] as well as outright anticommunists like the Afghan Mujahideen, Nicaraguan Contras, and Rodrigo Duterte who is waging a war against the Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines. Ironic considering that they are the TRUE LEFTISTS unlike the fake anarcho-neocons!
  • They believe that the US gives Hong Kong protestors face masks. It's not like people can buy them right? Which is the more likely explanation?
  • They promote The Grayzone in their reading list for "education".[7]


A list of Qiao Collective Parodies NOTE: Poe's Law applies since Qiao is a crank magnet.