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Lost cosmonauts, or phantom cosmonauts, is a conspiracy theory/urban legend alleging that Soviet cosmonauts entered outer space, but without their existence having been acknowledged by either the Soviet or Russian space authorities. Several articles and books have been published on the subject, and recordings of ostensibly dying Soviet cosmonauts have been released.

First Wave: before Gagarin[edit]

Let's face it: Sputnik was a great shock to the collective West. On the Cold War wake, passage from total safety from Ravaging Russian Hordes to the possibility to be bombed by the same Ravaging Russian Hordes gave a lot of feeding ground to paranoidal assumptions. Total secrecy of the Soviet space program just added to that, causing a lot of rumors.

Who When Why Reported by
Alexey Ledovsky November 1st, 1957 Crash of manned ballistic missile at Kapustin Yar test grounds Continental (Italy)
Sergey Shiborin February 1st, 1958 Same as above Continental (Italy)
Andrey Mitkov January 1st, 1959 Same as above Continental (Italy)
Maria Gromova June 1st, 1959 Failed rocket plane test Continental (Italy)
Gennady Mikhaylov February 4th, 1960 Unspecified equipment failure Associated Press (USA)
Vladimir Ilyushin April 7th, 1960 Crash landing in Chinese territory Daily Worker (Britain)
Gennady Zavodovsky May 15th, 1960 Stranded in orbit due altitude control malfunction Continental (Italy)
Ivan Kachur September or October of 1960 Spaceship exploded on launchpad Reuters (Britain)
Petr Dolgov October 11th, 1960 Spaceship exploded in space Associated Press (USA)
Alexey Belokonov October of 1960, 1961, or 1962 Either suffocated or suffered fatal radiation poisoning Either Corriere della Sera (Italy) or Readers Digest (USA)
Alexey Grachev November 28th, 1960 Lost in space Corriere della Sera (Italy)

What've really happened?[edit]

  • Alexey Ledovsky, Sergey Shiborin, Andrey Mitkov and Maria Gromova never existed.
  • Gennady Mikhaylov, Gennady Zavodovsky, Ivan Kachur, Alexey Belokonev (sic) and Alexey Grachev were test techncians in the /*Institute of Airspace healthcare*/
  • Vladimir Ilyushin, son of famous aircraft engineer and accomplished test pilot got severely injured in a car crash accident.
  • Petr Dolgov, Hero of Soviet Union, died a year later after claimed expolsion of his spaceship.

Second wave: rumors, jokes and weirdness[edit]

Vladimir Komarov[edit]

Porfiry Ivanov[edit]

Third Wave: stranded on MIR[edit]

Cosmonaut 419[edit]

Real Life[edit]