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Draft:Shining Path

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The Shining Path (Spanish:Sendero Luminoso), officially the Communist Party of Peru - Shining Path, is a Peruvian Maoist communist party and terrorist organization that operated in the 1980s. Members are referred as Senderistas, and they persued a batshit program of full communism by overthrowing the fragilized Peruvian government.

Launching a rebellion against the government, the Senderistas were able to take over large swaths of territory and even took control over various provincial capitals, and they named these territories the People's Republic of Peru.

Foundation and Ideology[edit]

The Shining Path was founded in 1969 by former philosophy professor Abimael Guzman (referred by the group as Comrade Gonzalo) who was inspired by a visit to the People's Republic of China. Adopting Maoism, Guzman and his Senderistas took the China's Cultural Revolution, Stalinist Russia and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia as models for their revolutionary program.[1]