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Draft:Slobodan Milošević

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Slobodan Milošević
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Slobodan Milošević (1941–2006) was the authoritarian nationalist President of Serbia from 1989 to 1997, and he then led Yugoslavia from 1997 to 2000. During his time in power Milošević was involved in a litany of crimes against humanity during the Yugoslav Wars including acts of genocide against Bosniaks committed by the Republika Srpska and ethnic cleansing against Albanians in Kosovo. These war crimes were inspired by Milošević's nationalist agenda, in which he abandoned the idea of a united Yugoslavia and instead sought to create a Serbian ethnostate by annexing the Serbian parts of Croatia and Bosnia and then getting rid of the non-Serbs.[1] During the war, Milošević's government sponsored brutal Serb militias which massacred civilians in Bosnia and Croatia. The worst of them was the Republika Srpska, a breakaway region in Bosnia led by Radovan Karadžić that murdered over 100,000 people while attempting to rid itself of ethnic minorities.[2] Milošević was also personally in charge of the massive crackdown in Kosovo that killed more than 8,000 Albanian Muslims and forced two million from their homes.[3]

His internal politics were described as authoritarian, his party and satelites controled mass media during his rule. He was accused of electoral fraud, censorship and even killing and beating his political opponents, most notable Vuk Draskovic (who survived assasination) and Ivan Stambolic. He kept masses of people under his control because of his mixture of ultranationalism, socialism and media spining. He was overthrowed in 5. october revolution when million Serbs come to the streets demanding his resignation.

Milošević died of natural causes before his war crimes trial could be finished, but he was defiant and unrepentant during the proceedings.[4]

Communists and conservatives both admire him as a hero in a particularly extreme example of Horseshoe theory.


This is a draft that anyone is free to edit as they would a mainspace page.