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Spinster.xyz (often referred to as just Spinster) is a social network founded on August 15, 2019 by M. K. Fain and her partner, Alex Gleason. According to them and the websites users, Spinster is a "feminist" and "women-first" social network [1], created in response to social media websites such as Twitter banning people for "saying feminist things" [2]. In reality, the website was founded as a refuge for TERFs banned from Twitter and other social media websites for harassing trans people or promoting transphobia, and unsurprisingly the majority of content on the website is dedicated to promoting transphobia. The site runs on a defunct[note 1] fork of Mastodon called Soapbox, which takes part of the Gab source code. Essentially, Spinster is the TERF version of Gab. Spinster has an official Twitter account, where it frequently criticizes Twitter for its censorship of feminists TERFs.

The userbase is small, with only around 9,100 registered accounts (most of which are inactive) [3]. On August 23, 2019 (just 8 days after being released!) Spinster was removed from Google Play for violating its user generated content policy. In December 2019, the free software repository, F-Droid, removed Spinster from its available apps.


The name Spinster was chosen to reclaim a term referring to a woman who is unmarried past an age that is socially considered to be the age of marrying. The domain ".xyz" was chosen as a subtle reference to the X and Y chromosomes. [4] The 🕸️ (spiderweb emoji) is often used as a dog whistle on other sites to signal that one is a member of Spinster.


In December 2019, cis male TERF Graham Linehan, known for illegally promoting conversion therapy against trans people, created the social media site Glindr.org, which has the same general purpose as Spinster. It is even less active than Spinster with only around 1,800 users.

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  1. Defunct as in that it runs Soapbox's "Legacy" version, which has been deprecated in favor of making Soapbox a Pleroma frontend, which the site does not use.