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A common variant of a "superstraight" pride flag. The coded Nazi symbol (8 = H) and porn-site color scheme are totally accidental.

"Superstraight" is a sexual orientation invented by alt-right trolls to describe heterosexual individuals whose attraction does not include transgender people. It is another example of a 4chan psy-op intended to sow division within the LGBT community. The meme spread throughout social media in March 2021, finding notable support among TERFs and other transphobes.[1][2][3]


Funnily enough, this meme seems to have been predated by a 2017 standup routine performed by transgender comedian Robin Tran, in which she coined and used the phrase "super straight" to mean exactly the opposite of what the transphobes are now taking it to mean:

So apparently, most doctors would say that if you're a man and you're attracted to transgender women, that doesn't make you gay. But I think that we should take that a step further. I think that if you're a guy and you're attracted to transgender women, not only are you not gay, I think that means that you're super straight. It's like: "Yo, Kevin, do you like transgender women?" Kevin's like "What? Do I like transgender women? Dude, as long as she's a girl, I don't give a f*** what kind... I'll eat a girl's p***y, I'll suck a girl's d**k, dude: I don't give a f***; she's a girl!"
—Robin Tran[4]