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Tom Rowsell / Survive the Jive

Blogger, Film maker and Youtuber who focuses on the discussion of European history, genetics and politics. Tom Rowsell is a practicing Polytheist of the Traditionalist school who espouses a form of worship informed by a study of Indo-European Religion's, cross referenced with sources from the Indian Vedic Religion.

Rowsell's far-right politics and theories certainly seem to reside outside of the cultural norm of the day.

Notable for usage of symbolism such as Nordic runes used extensively by far-right hate groups. His own political ideology is Evola style traditionalism.

Claims he's against modern materialism and globalism. Hawks his online merchandise store selling foreign made shirts, hats, coffee mugs, stickers, and other materialistic trinkets on every video and blog.

" Looking to history and nature for alternative perspectives on spirituality and existence "

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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZAENaOaceQUMd84GDc26EA (74.1k subscribers)