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Systemic misandry is the fundamental discrimination or hatred against men. While blown out of proportion by the Manosphere, it is unfortunately very prevalent in American society. It is ubiquitous in the legal system, as well somewhat present in popular media, prisons, and all types of sexual situations.

What is NOT systemic misandry[edit]

'Sex gap'[edit]

The manosphere likes to assert that most women can have sex with men whenever they want. While it is true that men generally have a harder time finding casual sex, it's not much better for women. (expand this) An attractive woman in a bar will get lots of douchebags men hitting on her, regardless of if she is looking for sex or not. The same effect could be seen by an attractive man, if they were to go into a gay bar. Template:Citation not needed


What IS systemic misandry[edit]

In the legal system[edit]

Sentencing disparityWikipedia[edit]

On average, men receive 63% longer sentences when convicted of a crime, and women are twice as likely to not be imprisoned if convicted of a crime. [1]

Police brutality[edit]

In police shootings, from 2017-2020, almost 1,000 men each year were shot to death by the police, while less than 55 women were killed.[2] This is a 20-fold difference, and it is not explained with crime statistics; men commit 73.8% of crimes. [3] The reason for this is probably a similar reason to the race gap, although likely fueled by the fear of men, instead of the hatred of men. Women are seen as less intimidating, and this may play a part in if a police officer chooses to use lethal force in a violent situation.

Sex crimes[edit]

Prison rape[edit]


Ties to systemic racism[edit]