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Based on Alt-right glossary, Manosphere glossary and Indian alt-right glossary

Tankies and Chinese nationalists (i.e., Chinese Communist Party, not Kuomintang) use memes and re-appropriated terminology in order to circlejerk each other. Just like the alt-right, this group of leftists use a lot of racist and dehumanizing dog whistles. The majority of these terms can be found in online forums like Reddit and Twitter. Tankies are distinct from other communists due to their hardline, even uncritical support for the actions and policies of countries like the Soviet Union, China, Russia or Iran. In fact, the name "Tankie" derives from their uncritical support of tank-centric interventions in respect of domestic and foreign problems when used by those countries.


Information icon.svg Note

Some terms have been indirectly translated from Chinese and may be inaccurate.


The term anarkiddies is used to make fun of anarchists, ancoms and ansyns[1] for not supporting authoritarian regimes like the Soviet Union, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. They might just resort to calling them liberals. This can be a form of guilt by association. However, it can be considered a leftist slang term for crazy anarchists.


Basically, a euphemism for Stalin apologia, similar to how white nationalists call themselves "race realists" and TERFs insist on being called "gender critical." The term originally referred to opposition towards Nikita Khrushchev's reforms within the Soviet Union after Stalin's death.

The term, however, is most infamous as the endonym used by Hoxhaists.


"Degeneracy," but with a coat of red paint. Sometimes prefixed with "Bourgeois," especially when LGBTQ+ (particularly transgender) rights are involved.

"Fascist enabler"[edit]

While originally used to refer to centrists who acted as useful idiots to fascists as a result of things like the balance fallacy, tankies abuse it to refer to anyone who disagrees with anything done by a regime calling itself communist. Ironically, Stalin himself can be considered an enabler of fascism due to the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

Fellow traveller[edit]

A charm offensive directed at other left-wingers.


Tankies often use the term "liberal" as a catch-all insult directed at anyone on the left they perceive as not being far-left or authoritarian enough, including anarchists and "succdems." Might also sometimes apply to right-wing ideologies like classical liberalism, conservatism (which conservatives don't like being called), libertarianism (includes left-libertarianism), and ancaps. Most tankies spend more time complaining about "liberals" than they do fascists.

Mecha tankie[edit]

A mecha tankie is a socially conservative "communist" who supports American nationalism and Donald Trump. See also: MAGA communism


See the main article on this topic: National Bolshevism

An ultranationalist tankie, or alternatively a tankie that is open about being a fascist. It originated with factions of the Soviet army that aligned with the Nazis and still survives today in one of Russia's opposition parties, though it really isn't a coherent ideology. Nazbols may also be referred to as "red-browns", which can also describe an alliance between fascists and tankies.

Popular front[edit]

An effort for communists to organise any non-communists ostensibly for a particular campaign.


Brainwashing of so-called "enemies of the revolution".

Red fascism[edit]

Red Fascism is a concept used by some democratic socialists and social anarchists equating Marxist-Leninism and its variants (such as Maoism or Juche) with fascism. See Social Fascism for its opposite.

Red tankie[edit]

A tankie that is primarily a supporter of the ex-Soviet Union and aligned states.[2]

Socialism in one country[edit]

Socialism in one country was a strategy of the Soviet Union after the initial failures to bring communism to Germany and Hungary, a retreat from internationalism to nationalism.[3]


Any opponents (sometimes left-wingers) perceived as covert and deserving of enmity, contempt, disrespect or persecution. Not necessarily supporters of Trotsky.

Western media[edit]

Tankies consider western-owned media unreliable due to how much of it is funded by advertisers and by extension powerful capitalists, so they will often dismiss anything from them off-hand as "western propaganda". Of course, that doesn't stop them from consuming blatant government propaganda like Russia Today and Global Times.

Workers' state[edit]

A workers' state is regular Marxist terminology for a communist regime.


Yoghurts refers to Uighur Muslims. The term was coined to mock the pronunciation of "Uighur" and to claim they are Western imperialists.[4][5][6][7]



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