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Tarō Yamamoto(山本 太郎) is Japanese actor-politician. from Takarazuka, Hyogo.

Anti-nuclear activism in 2011.

President of Reiwa Shinsengumi.



Yamamoto is liberal politician. however, it shouldn't fit with authoritarianism, but since around 2018 authoritarians have emerged as supporters. The reason is anti-austerity. There is anti-austerity among Japanese neo-fascists, national socialists, and netto-uyoku, who may support Taro Yamamoto. Kazuhiro Nakamura, who belongs to far right Japan First Party established by Makoto Sakurai, the former chairman of the Zaitokukai, imitated Taro Yamamoto's slogan “Anti-austerity, fiscal stimulus! (Hepburn:Hankinshuku, Zaiseishutsudō! Japanese:反緊縮・財政出動!)”. However, Taro Yamamoto is not an authoritarian and most of his supporters are liberal. Reiwa Shinsengumi insists on anti-austerity. In addition, Reiwa Shinsengumi is considered a left-wing populism party.

But it is somewhat ambiguous to see Yamato as a right-wing or fascist. He is friendly in South Korea and China (In the conservative Japanese standards,) and support for feminism. They also oppose discrimination against the disabled. Ordinary Japanese rightists are hostile to South Korea and China.

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