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Over the last 2,100 years, Celto-Saxons have predominantly been most responsive to Jesus’ call to salvation. Other nations would be oblivious to Christianity if not for the Celto-Saxons’ proliferation of the gospel. Only the Celto-Saxons fulfill the dozens of Biblical markers for Israel.
—Ted R. Weiland putting his white nationalism on full display.[1]

Ted R. Weiland is a far-right American Christian fundamentalist who promotes racist "Christian identity" ideology.[2]. The man is so out there that even other advocates of 'theonomy' condemn him. He makes some fairly bold claims about his ideas of turning America back to the laws found in the Bible, particularly those found in the Old Testament. According to Weiland,

Nevertheless, the implementation of Yahweh’s perfect law of liberty would resolve every problem facing America today.
—Weiland committing the Nirvana fallacy[3]

Weiland's advocacy for introducing Biblical law leads him to oppose the United States Constitution, an unusual stance for an opponent of open borders but certainly not one inconsistent with the rest of his beliefs.

Political Views[edit]

Weiland is, unsurprisingly, opposed to freedom of religion, to the point of being in favor of the death penalty as a punishment for promotion of religions other than Christianity.[4]


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