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TheQuartering (real name Jeremy Hambly, commonly referred to as The Quarter Pounder by his fanbase), is a reactionary YouTube user covering gaming, television, or movies. He has gained a large group of followers, who range from incels to neoreactionaries, and who oppose anything created or directed by the evil woke SJWs anyone remotely progressive.

Hambly is best known for a video covering the Netflix reboot of She-Ra, She-Ra & The Princesses of Power, in which he argued that the remake was unfaithful because She-Ra "was too masculine" (read: her tits weren't as big as in the original). This video garnered many responses from other content creators, criticism for its sexism and factual errors, and contributed to a rise in She-Ra content both related and unrelated to Hambly's video. Further videos about media such as Star Wars and the 2019 Joker film have continued to garner similar criticisms and responses[1], drawing ire for the perceived poor quality of his work and lack of attention to basic facts about whatever he is covering.

In a debate with popular BreadTuber Big Joel, he admitted to being a profit/attention-seeking grifter, clarifying that he generally makes videos about whatever is popular or trending and not because he personally cares about the content he is covering.[2] Shortly after this debate had concluded, Quartering privated the VOD on his YouTube channel, prompting Joel] and various other BreadTubers, including Jack Saint, to repeatedly and continuously call him out for not making the debate public.[3] He mostly responded to this demand with a passively dismissive "I'll get around to it," and it became more clear each time he said this that he did not, in fact, intend to get around to it. This led to a fan of Joel ripping the debate from Twitch and mirroring it on their own channel[4], where it has as of this writing garnered 3,800 views. It is generally believed that his admission to grifting is the reason why he chose to hide the VOD.

In the circles of leftist YouTubers and their fans, the Quartering's debate with Big Joel has become one of his (and Joel's) most infamous moments.

Gamergate implications[edit]

  • He has celebrated Feminist Frequency going broke.
  • He has talked about "ethics in game journalism".
  • Once he talked about most social media being publishers instead of platforms, hmmm...