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The Chosen is a crowd-funded Christian propaganda T.V. series about Jesus and his followers. Started in 2017, it currently has two seasons. It is one of the latest in a series of almost desperate attempts by Christians to convince people to believe in their particular God. It is directed by Dallas Jenkins, the son of Jerry B. Jenkins who made the Left Behind series.


The series talks about the stories of Simon, Mary Magdalene, Matthew and the Pharisee Nicodemus, among others and about how Jesus influenced their lives. It is set in the backdrop of the Roman occupation of Israel.


Is is criticized by fundamentalists as not being biblical [1]. It also has a scene promoting the belief in demonic possession, which, like all religion in general, has no scientific basis. It tells of the miracles of Jesus, such as the turning of water into wine as if they literally happened. The show is known to have an evangelistic Christian viewpoint.[2]