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Draft:Thierry Baudet

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Thierry Baudet (1983–) is an undercover French donkey a weird kind of toilet a Dutch populist euroskeptic. In 2015, he founded think tank Forum voor Democratie (FvD, Forum for Demagoguery Democracy), which he turned into a political party in early 2017[1]. Unfortunately, he and his party appealed to a substantial (alt-right[2]) part of the Dutch voters, some of whom consider him a more socially acceptable, civilized alternative to Geert Wilders[3]. As a result, Forum voor Democratie won two seats in the Dutch House of Representatives in the general elections in 2017, which made Baudet and his mad ideas even harder to ignore. On 12 October 2017, he had a five-hour meeting with Jared Taylor in Amsterdam.[4]

Bullshit Thierry Baudet comes up with: