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Thomas Ryan Rousseau is a white supremacist who lives in Grapevine, Texas. He blogs from his bedroom in his daddy's house,[1] and he used to write racist things in his high school newspaper sometimes.[2] Because of an acute shortage of talent among white supremacists these modest accomplishments qualify him as a big-time leader of the movement.

Rousseau runs Patriot Front, a white nationalist, white supremacist organization. In fact they describe themselves as fascist, which is a rare bit of honesty from fascists. This group is a renaming of a previous racist organization, Vanguard America. Rousseau switched the name in 2017 when a friend with whom he was attending the Unite the Right riot in Charlottesville, Virginia murdered counterprotester Heather Heyer. Worried about tarnishing his good name, Rousseau rebranded Vanguard America into Patriot Front to seem less murder-y.[3] That probably won't last for long because they are very fixated on murder.

Patriot Front is not a large organization but it produces a lot of propaganda. They have made the clever choice to discard historical white supremacist symbols, such as Nazi flags, but to instead to Nazify traditional American symbols. Sometimes this is as simple as re-working a European fascist symbol into a red-white-and-blue color scheme. Rousseau and his organization turn up at book fairs or bookstores to make propaganda videos and sometimes to physically attack the places. They are filled with scary, scary books after all.


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