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Tim Pool is a former VICE reporter who first gained notoriety reporting from the front lines of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Since then he has two YouTube channels, Tim Pool[1], and Timcast.[2] He parrots conservative and alt-right talking points constantly, masquerading as a journalist with liberal leanings.

Alt-right connections[edit]

Pool identifies as a centre-leftist and claims to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. Yet despite this, an overwhelming majority of content on his social media accounts is anti-leftist content and the repetition of alt-lite talking points, with little to no criticism of the right ever offered.

As a proud and unbiased centrist, he hangs out with figures such as James Allsup, Brittany Pettibone[3], Baked Alaska.[4] Mike Cernovich,[5] and Gavin McInnes[6]. He has also appeared on Dave Rubin's show the Rubin Report.

Tim also quickly jumped to push Jacob Wohl’s false rape accusation towards Robert Mueller[7] (until it spectacularly fell apart).