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Draft:Tom Bishop

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Tom Bishop is a member of the Flat Earth Society, who is very active on the website of The Flat Earth Society ( Some theories suggest that he may be a KenM-esque figure, or a bot. Taking a closer look, it appears to be that Tom Bishop is a genuine individual making Flat Earth related posts to the site.

He is a member of the Flat Earth Zetetic council, a group of Flat Earthers who put Pyrrhonism in the place of real debate/discussion.

The distance from New York to Paris is unknown.
—Tom Bishop

Tom Bishop asserts that the model of latitudes and longitudes is based on on a theoretical Round Earth, which supposedly tells us how far away point A should be from point B. Ships and planes use this value in its calculations when guessing its distance traveled and cruising speed. However, Latitude and Longitude is based on a a spherical coordinate system. The points and the theoretical distance between them depends on the concept that the earth is a sphere, hence all inferences from that model, while perhaps close to truth, are likewise theoretical.


Tom Bishop's Portrait

Tom Bishop in Fiction[edit]

Flat Earth: The Musical[edit]


Tom Bishop stars as leader of the Flat Earth Society, who must save Dr. Samuel Birley Rowbotham from the clutches of the sinister Conspiracy.

The Sequel to Flat Earth the Musical[edit]


Tom Bishop appears again, in the sequel to Flat Earth: The Musical.

The Book[edit]


Dr. Thomas Bishop, director of the The Samuel Birley Rowbotham Zetetic Astronomy Institute, leads a rag-tag team of Zetetics on an adventure into the fridges tundras of Antarctica, where they are pursued by the Conspiracy with helicopters, missiles, and Black Ops.

Fringe TV Series (2008-2013)[edit]

It is rumored that the scientist character on the television show Fringe, Walter Bishop, was named in honor of the Flat Earth Society's Tom Bishop. Walter Bishop is a brilliant scientist who specializes in "fringe" science and is called to help the government investigate various mysterious events.