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Some dare call it
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TruthUnveiled777 (Christopher J. Calhoun or Yaram Yahu) is a batshit crazy Black Hebrew Israelite and conspiracy theorist on Youtube. Most of his shtick involves anti-government rants that involve essentially EVERY conspiracy that there is, with a healthy dose of End Times guff involving slavery. . There's aslo lots and LOTS of Clickbait. When there isn't such, he goes into Bible studies with Scriptures Often Ignored, and Living Righteously. While studies are fine, it's his psychotic ideas that would gain followers. Over 338,000 subscribers to be specific with 60,000,000 views before he was terminated. He's baaaack.[1]

List of conspiracies according to Chris[edit]

Generally, most of his rants would be found in his playlists such as "BE DECIEVED NO MORE", and "CLONING TRUTH!". Mind you, his main channel has been terminated, but you can probably still know what he's talking about.[2]

  • The Earth is flat, and planets don't exist because of Pluto from Disney.
  • The Holocaust was a Hoax. Anyone who disagrees are PGT's (Paid Government Trolls)
  • The Bible was corrupted by the Vatican by removing books like Enoch to whitewash history and more.
  • All celebrities, models, and politicians are lizards and secret transgenders.
  • All diseases and disasters are funded by the government. Also tragic events are results of Predictive Programming.
  • The U.S. and all countries that screwed with the Israelites are going to be destroyed by the 10 Plagues. The government knows this as well.

Stopped Clock[edit]

In spite of having the philosophies of a madman, Chris likes to do humanitarian ministry work with Witness to the World. It is more interested in missionary work to help convert people to following the Torah with the name of Yahuah (A Hebrew name for God). He tends to do baptisms in oceans as well, and have fundraisers. In his videos, he also rejects and denounces the more racist groups in the Hebrew Israelite movement.