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Draft:Vladimir Medinsky

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\\\no formatting yet im new\\\ Vladimir Medinsky is a crank, russian nationalist, believer of zionist theories and ... current head of russian ministry of culture. He got most infamy out of his doctorate degree work and questionable movie policies.

life Medinsky was born in 1970 in a family of Ukrainian militaryman. From young age he was into it, apllying to Moscow Higher Combined Arms Command School, where he got rejected for being embarrasing nerd having poor eyesight. Later he applied for journalist degree, while shoving great interest in military history and russian rulers. He climbed the party ladder, eventually ending up giving pamphlets among defenders of moscow white house in 1991. In 90s he and his alumni created marketing agency "Corporation"ME" that ended serving some high clients, including banks and financial pyramids. It fizzled and changed name after getting stuck with debt to a client bank that switched owners. Later he got government position as pr for some tax police guy, ending up as pr manager for entire country.

Doctorate Thesis Medinsky got a journalist degree, than he just got history doctorate degree out of nowhere in 2011. His work "Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history from the second half of the 15th to 17th centuries" was subject of great controversy as there are various accusations of plagiarism, to the point where fellow academics tried to revoke medinsky degree, unsuccesfully. There are numerous traces of google translation, copypasting text from web, as well as made up sources. Text is generally filled with weirdly apologetic revisionist texts painting everything bad you hear about russian history as part of determined foreign propaganda. His previous scientific includes 10 articles and 5 monografies. Only 9 articles were proven as published, rest of it may be made up headlines. Thesis got defended in front of commision, headed by thesis curator. Said consultand also published all 10 "articles" in his "journal".

"The only positive or negative criterium, - as said by our contemporary, famous scientist and thinker O. A Platonov, - can only be Russia's national interests." O. A. Platonov is mostly known as Holocaust denialist, who published books with titles like "Mysteries of sionist protocols", "Russia under masoons rule" and "Battle for Russia"(guess the sides). Work consists of whataboutist assumptions like russians having natural defence against liberalism sodomy and degradation. "Actually" appears 131 times.

"As it known, all (slav)orthodox church books were written in russian, thats why they are easy to understand. Situation was different for catholics and protestants. Their sacred texts were witten in latin, which was not known by average believer." Hoo boy. And yes, he says "russian", not "Old Slavonic".

Movies Not only academia gives him shit. Medinsky managed to gather heat from unwashed masses, as he attacked their favorite thing - hollywood movies. He introduced a series of laws, trying to push money to russian movies by raising license fee to obscene amount.