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American society was created by the Founders to be a beacon of hope for those who were hopeless under the tyranny of the British empire. However, it is now apparent that American society has plummeted to where a known war criminal can run for President under the banner of a major party, and even though she was responsible for the death of four people in Benghazi, Libya, and also cannot account for over 30,000 emails that likely were containing sensitive information, she is lauded by even "President" Barack Hussein Obama and Bill "Philanderer" Clinton as "the most qualified person to seek the office." This is a sickening cultural problem. So, where did it begin?

Madonna is a performer who flaunted everything out, and various sitcoms aired that are a far cry from the golden Leave it to Beaver days. However, this is only the beginning. Now, American society is represented by witchcraft, horoscopes, ouija boards, sorcery, lust of the flesh, and the standard bearers of the culture are coarse heathens such as the vile liberal Taylor Swift, who decided to flaunt provocative attire that is only appropriate for the bedroom of a married couple.

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