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When considering the various options of employment, college is the least worthy of them. Unless one wants to study law or medicine, there is absolutely no valid reason for a person to go to college to seek employment. Employers would sooner hire those who have not attended a university as they have not been indoctrinated with far-left propaganda and have not been taught by the American educational system to think inside the box in place of actually being creative. Socialist professors make it their goal to ensure that people do not think logically or critically, and accept their dogma as the only truth.

The K-12 public education system is a money grubbing machine designed to pump out drones for further university indoctrination. The Common Core standards ensure that every student in every school is learning the same overly complicated, overly drawn out rubbish and they make sure to stifle any form of creative thinking. The goal is to get money by getting children through hoops and tests, and to ensure they perform well on the pointless ACT/SAT assessments in high school, and can jump through more hoops in a university in order to gain nothing but a piece of paper that isn't worth the paper or ink that is printed on it. Most "sciences" and especially "social sciences" or "liberal studies" or "arts" are by their very nature inherently worthless, as they provide virtually no net gain whatsoever.

While some may claim the atmosphere of universities fosters intellectual discourse and challenges, and provide great opportunities for students to grow, the opposite is quite true. The trend, particularly in secular universities, is that one partakes of morning indoctrination, completes a few worthless assignments, and then proceeds to partake of behaviors deemed perfectly acceptable in secular society including profanity, modern pop music, sports, premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, violent video games, (such as Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat) and this all results in health problems such as obesity, STIs, cancer, and heart disease, and it results in the poisoning of a student's mind toward secular socialist atheist propaganda and their general demeanor is of a hedonistic lifestyle.

One just has to realize all of the poisoning of one's character, morals, political and religious values, does not translate into a well-paying job. Many pointless courses that teach nothing, learning abominable Satanic behaviors, and all in all just becoming a sad case results in one working at the minimum wage fast food job one was attempting to avoid by going to college, and the person who worked at said restaurant right after high school is now the manager of the person who wasted so much time and effort in obtaining a useless sociology degree. This person's mind is not expanded (actually it is much more close minded after all of the liberal indoctrination) and their financial situation is worsened by being in six figure debt.