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{Enlightenment in the new millenium Thomas Glen. Glent9.

Researching our short lifetime.

Age is something that is experienced by all and to seek answers to the reality of our being in life is definitely a project that can uncover many treasures of the human mind. To realise that anyone can take this journey of discovery that allows both the educated and uneducated to do so, is indeed most encouraging to those who earnestly seek knowledge and enlightenment. One of God's gifts is that of our learning good from evil and is the basis of His Creation. To learn that we ourselves have the choice to follow the path of good or evil is such that we can either progress in this life peacefully or create hell for our brothers and sisters. The rewards of creating and developing peace and happiness for others is immeasureable. It does need however, to start with self, by dumping ego, greed of power and wealth. Many thousands of people do not believe or agree with this philosophy hence our endless wars, starvation, suffering and dying of millions to-day. I wrote the following that may make us think deeper at this time and is as follows:-

The Gate Beautiful. The greatest adventure of a lifetime is far beyond human understanding of time and space. It is that of enlightenment of the human mind and transcends history by an introduction to a fountain of knowledge introduced through a gift of great love measured in universal proportions. The love is such that it buffers the human mind against damaging falsehoods and gives a balanced mind that is no longer a 'misty portal' but has clarity in all its learning. The great work is based on the spiritual make-up of the human mind and is now a worldwide phenomena that will sweep away evils of war and suffering. This transition is now underway and available to all peoples who reject evil in its entirety and will bring great peace and love at this time. Thomas.