Essay:I only know that I know nothing, and also that you're wrong

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While some might fancy that they know something, I know only that I know nothing, but also that you're just totally full of it, the thing you're saying now it's just complete bullshit.

It might be tempting to say I know the things I've learned in school, but truly I only have what my teachers and textbooks said was true not certainty, but I have absolute certainty that the words coming out of your mouth are just the dumbest nonsense I've ever been subjected to.

It might also be tempting to say "Ah I have reason about the world and can deduce truths with my mind", but then I only have trust in my own infallibility, and no one has that. I have nothing. Well, except that knowing you're just blasting dripping verbal diarrhea right now is something.

I could say "well, my senses tell me things about the world", but those senses have been fooled before, and will be again, how could I possibly know anything I perceive is real? Well, of course excepting that the words I perceive as coming from you are really stupid.

I could use a dialectical process to break down the untruths and gradually reduce my worldview to one more true than what I believed before. But then how could I ever be sure that my process has been applied long and thoroughly enough to make any given thing I believe true? But I have definitely examined your bullshit long enough to know it's totally without merit, like a badgeless boyscout.

So really, I can never know anything, and I can know that fact. But I also know you're just totally full of shit, like how can anyone listen to you.