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Essay talk:My view on the essay "CUR's position on almost everything and anything that he wants to type about in this especially long-titled essay" (ColbertFan)

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*Head explodes*ТyTalk. 01:28, 15 March 2011 (UTC)

I think he might be... worse than CUR. Blue Talk 03:13, 15 March 2011 (UTC)
Speechless. DalekEXTERMINATE 03:20, 15 March 2011 (UTC)
You know those signs they have at the fair, in front of the roller coaster? The ones that read "You must be this tall to go on this ride"? Imma put one on the Main Page. How the hell can I go around dropping F-bombs and putting pictures of c**ks and Kara Duhe on Rob's page if it's going to be kiddy hour here? P-Foster (talk) 03:28, 15 March 2011 (UTC)
Either that or ban Ace, and nothing could make me want to ban Ace. Should the Loya Jirga or Board of Trustees contemplate implementing some sort of "warning to readers under 14" or even "no to everyone under a certain age"? Blue Talk 03:40, 15 March 2011 (UTC)
Does that COPPA stuff apply here? MtDPinko Scum 03:42, 15 March 2011 (UTC)
IANAL, but it doesn't seem to. Wikipedia doesn't have any problems with it, and they've got a fair amount of mature content. Blue Talk 03:49, 15 March 2011 (UTC)
1) NSFW pictures, by default, do not appear on pages (at least for registered users, don't know if it's true for IP's, but if it's not, it should be). 2) We're not goran babysitters. It's up to a parent to police what their kid looks at, not us. ThunderkatzHo! 04:16, 15 March 2011 (UTC)
No, I already asked, his mother does not know what he is doing.ТyTalk. 00:30, 16 March 2011 (UTC)
Shiiiiiiiit. He really is only 12, isn't he? MtDPinko Scum 03:31, 15 March 2011 (UTC)


I will not be silenced! You fuckers listen up! Ace of Spades 03:47, 15 March 2011 (UTC)

Fuck you all, I am outta here. Ace of Spades 00:32, 16 March 2011 (UTC)


Please.ТyTalk. 00:34, 16 March 2011 (UTC)


Who believes that there are standards for essayspace? This essay, being shit, would obviously violate them. Blue Talk 00:36, 16 March 2011 (UTC)

I do. ТyTalk. 00:37, 16 March 2011 (UTC)
Kill it with fire. P-Foster (talk) 00:42, 16 March 2011 (UTC)
Is "verbal excrement" the phrase that goes in the blank? Nebuchadnezzar (talk) 00:43, 16 March 2011 (UTC)
Read the wikitext. Blue Talk 00:45, 16 March 2011 (UTC)