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Evid3nc3 is a vlogger with over 30,000 subscribers who makes videos about atheism, religion, and spirituality.

Deconversion Series[edit]

Evid3nc3 was among the harshest critics of VenomFangX. However, he started gaining massive amounts of subscribers with the creation of his “Deconversion” series. Each video critically examined with much detail about certain aspects of religious faith. As the videos went along, debunking certain aspects of faith as it went on. Going in order;

  1. 2.0: The God Concept
  2. 2.1: Prayer
  3. 2.2: Morality
  4. 2.3: Other Christians
  5. 2.4: The Bible
  6. 2.5: Personal Relationship
  7. 2.6: The End

The series gave an excellent presentation of the slow process of losing ones religiosity in favor of atheism. Many atheists were quickly able to relate to this series since it is common for atheists to come from a religious background. The videos were well constructed, playing nice music and wonderful cartoons and diagrams showing the steps of logic.

Becoming Atheist[edit]

Evid3nc3 added to the series his personal take on atheism, providing a history of the god concept, and developing his own worldview of evidentialism.

  1. 3.0: Atheism: A New Way of Seeing God
  2. 3.1: Atheism: Definitions
  3. 3.2: Atheism: Nontheistic gods
  4. 3.3.1: Ingersol & Mack
  5. 3.3.2: Spong
  6. 3.3.3: A History of God
  7. 3.4.(1): Atheism: Evidence
  8. 3.4.(2): Atheism: Objections to Evidentialism