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ExtantDodo is a vlogger with over 12,000 subscribers. He helped spearhead the response to creationist and intelligent design vlogs on YouTube, alongside users like Thunderf00t, AronRa, Cdk007, Potholer54, and others. ExtantDodo produces very lengthy videos refuting multiple points in creationist seminars. His videos are often broken into multiple videos, ranging from 30 minutes to 45 minutes in length (back when he started, it was barely possible to upload a video that was over 10 minutes).

Criticism towards creationism[edit]

ExtantDodo targeted only popular creationists such as Kent Hovind, Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, John Pendleton, and Janet Folger. ExtantDodo's videos were a text only rebuttal, but each time he provided a reference to each of his claims that were backed up by academic and scholarly works that revealed that the claims made by the creationists were baseless and nothing but lies.

ExtantDodo targeted the following creationist organizations:

ExtantDodo's works have been a huge inspiration for YouTube rationalists. ExtantDodo has not made a video for a while nor has he even logged in, but his work still lives on and remains popular to this day. As creationists rarely ever come up with new arguments, always listen to each other, and repeat the same old long-debunked arguments, the works of ExtantDodo haven't yet become outdated.