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Josiah David, better known as Eye2EyeIIIV (apparently in an attempt to mean Eye2Eye35: he really should learn how Roman numerals work), is a "pro-life", young-earth creationist nutjob and tax denialist who runs a channel on YouTube dedicated to evangelizing the bullshit of Kent Hovind. His videos generally consist of CGI characters, designed in a manner reminiscent of Kent Hovind's garb, but he also does the rant-at-a-camera-for-10-minutes format.

Conspiracy theorist[edit]

He believes that Kent Hovind was framed for tax evasion by the powers that be in order to silence him.[citation needed] He is a defender of intelligent design and believes evolution is an attack on science, and is also a fan of Jack Chick and his worldviews.[citation needed] He believes that the seeds of peaches can cure cancer,[1] which he adopted from Kent Hovind, but is clearly unaware—and has been unable to do the research beforehand—that peach pits contain chemicals called cyanogenetic glycosides. When these are processed in the human digestive system, cyanide is one of the resulting by-products. Oops.

He thinks the Bronze Age is a myth, and that there is no evidence of such an age.[citation needed] He believes Christianity is not a religion, or at least (true) Christianity is not a religion.[2]

A YouTube video caught him claiming that "Atheism is terrorism - in all fields of Science" on December 20, 2010.[3] On January 9, 2011 he posted a video explaining how depressed people keep him going[4] and citing his reason for people's depression and the road to suicide, as being due to the continuance of the teaching of evolution in schools and lack of faith in Christianity. He is in favor of homeschooling, because he thinks the classrooms are liberal, biased, and pro-New World Order.[citation needed]


On January 29th 2011, he was due to have a discussion with TheKitch2,[5] at 8.00pm EST on blogtv. However he turned up 3-4 hours late, making him a hypocrite since he had previously ranted[6] about how "evolutionists" refuse to debate creationists. He then proceeded to defend some of the atrocious things in the Bible (e.g. Noah's flood), rant incoherently and make just plain amusing mistakes (e.g. the slipup where he reveals that he thinks family trees are actual plants).[citation needed]

He's known to block people who disagree with him, calling them "whiners", among other things. He is also known for spamming other users, sending them preachy messages in bulk.[citation needed] When confronted with this, he denied that he was spamming because he does not understand what spamming is. He thinks spamming is the use of vulgar language.

Recently, he removed all videos revealing his face (with a few exceptions). Weeks later he brought them back up.[citation needed]

Blatant plagiarism[edit]

Three of his early videos ("Top 10 myths about creation", "top 10 myths about evolution", "12 arguments evolutionists should stop using and avoid") are taken nearly word for word from Answers in Genesis articles of the same names.[7]

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