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Well, I'm back after posting once and never coming back (on account of the fact that I had been going through a very turmoil-filled chapter of my life.) So, I know two people welcomed me to the board, so would anyone else?

MY POLITICAL VIEWS: To be honest, I am somewhat of a centrist-libertarian (though only slight on the libertarian part; I hate both Rands (Ayn and Paul) with an absolute vengeance) though I have largely given up on conventional politics considering the fact that extremists exist regardless of side (I'm lagely indifferent to the gun-control debate as a result, despite despising AR-15's). That being said, I am a strong supporter of social equality and civil rights to the point where I theorize what the religious right will do once gay-bashing is out of vogue endlessly.

MY HOBBIES: Writing, playing games, and reading. I'm a very cerebral person.

MY EDUCATION: While I still am in high-school, most of my teachers and fellow students say I am a very well-read person compared even to some adults. I am a self-taught writer and I research endlessly as a result. I used to be an aeronautics nerd, and I am fond of learning about history (mostly to ensure what I know already hasn't been distorted)

MY PLANNED CAREERS: I'm going to be a writer (a lot of my writings often feature crime and social turmoil, and are often about realistic or current events), a Gun-maker (note that I hate the term "gunsmith" because I associate that with Mall Ninjas. I would only build and design hunting arms, which aren't controversial, even in Europe) Or a Police officer (Let's face it, through most of American history social change has been driven by some form of crime. Being on the forefront of the law would at the very least allow me to experience important events first-hand. On top of that, I feel that being an officer would give me a perspective into how the police view the current media-distorted craze of police brutality. An off-note: I do plan to be a SWAT operator, as difficult as that is.)

Hello Again, RationalWiki!

Welcome back! (Also, ah, don't forget to sign posts with ~~~~ on forums/talk pages, yo.) ℕoir LeSable (talk) 17:42, 31 December 2015 (UTC)

Oh, right. I'm on that.

Amon (talk) 17:47, 31 December 2015 (UTC)