Forum:Name for a (neutral) political vlog/ show (think ten minutes of ridiculing the stupidest shit in the clogosphere every week)

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Hello netizens of rationalwiki. i apologize for posting something which is somewhat irrelevant, but i require a solution for this conundrum. i am attempting to name a weekly political vlog/show, and i have narrowed it down to these choices, which i shall promptly shout across the bar in order to see if any of them stick: the weekly scrum, the red phone, age of majority with..., uproot the astroturf with... (astroturf being a term for a fake grassroots movement), to big to prevail (play on to big to fail), shirt-sleeve politics with..., rose garden rubbish with..., the weekly hatchet job, media melee with..., within the loop, and sphere of influence with..., your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Vote and comment here!!! — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs

I like "uproot the astroturf" because it's the one that looks actually novel - David Gerard (talk) 15:35, 15 September 2015 (UTC)